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Important Updates


We are opening at 2pm on Friday, August 21st! We are sorry for the inconveniences we have caused. Take care,


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Dear lovely customers,

If you are familiar with our website, you would notice that we don't have the "Order Delivery with Doordash" button anymore. Unfortunately, after trying out Doordash for a few months and careful calculation, we decided to discontinue their service. For those who are wondering, the reason behind that is that the commission rate (30%) is just too high for us, While we do understand that Doordash needs to make profit too, we are trying to keep our food affordable for the our customers and because our food includes a lot of international ingredients, we just simply don't make 30% profit from the dishes we serve. So if we continue to use the service, we would actually be losing money and with the world situation, we just can't afford that right now. Furthermore, we have just recently learned that even when we partner with the delivery service and pay the commission, our customers still have to pay delivery fee. We understand that this decision may cause some inconveniences for our customers and we sincerely apologize for all the inconveniences we have caused. So for now, it's takeout and outdoor dining only. You can still order and pay online prior to picking up your food. Thank you so much for your understanding and support. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

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🥳We now have outdoor-dining for dinner time!🥳

☀️Please be mindful that the seating area will be in direct sun until 2 pm, after which, it’s a nice shady area🌥 However, that unfortunately means that we don't have a driver to do delivery anymore 🙁You can still get delivery through Doordash though! Just click "Order Delivery" on our home page to order delivery!

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